Unable to delete both app and postgres instances (both cli and web app)

Hey guys,
I’m trying to delete a postgres instance and am unable to do so. The instance is currently attached to an app, so i tried fly postgres detach -a <name_of_app_instance> and fly postgres detach -a <name_of_postgres_instance> (because the first command didn’t work), and finally fly postgres detach --app <app_instance_name> --postgres-app <postgres_instance_name>, but that gave me Error: An unkown error occured..
Also trying to delete it on the web app gave me an Error 422. Any idea what’s going on?

OK apparently I can’t delete any apps or postgres instances, i tried deleting another test app and got the same 422: request rejected error.

I’ve also seen this warning a few times when trying to run some commands like fly postgres users list <postgres_instance_name>:

WARN app flag '<postgers_instance_name>' does not match app name in config file '<app_instance_name>'.

I’ve been creating quite a few apps/postgres instances in the process of trying to figure out how to use fly, so maybe something has desynchronized along the way and is causing these issues, not entirely sure.

Any advice?

Tried deleting an instance just now and it worked, no idea if the bug has been fixed but I guess so.

flyctl detach won’t delete an app or cluster, there is/was a bug in the attach/detach process that I know @shaun was working on.

Did flyctl apps delete fail, or just web based app deletion? The 422 is likely related to a botched UI upgrade we’ve since reverted.

I didn’t actually try flyctl apps delete, still new to the platform and wasn’t familiar with this command, so I can’t answer if this would’ve worked or not, but yes the web based app deleting was returning those 422 errors whenever I tried to delete an instance there. All seems to be working again though, so presumably it was the UI issue that’s now been reverted.

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Yes that’s definitely the case! Sorry for the poor experience, we’re working pretty furiously to make the postgres tooling from the CLI better and easier to understand.

No worries Kurt, it’s still early days for fly.io and this stuff always takes time to get right so keep it up, looking forward to what you and the team will accomplish over the next couple of years.

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