OpenAI requests blocked from ?

I am in the process of evaluating for a project that I am working on. So far I find it great but I was hit with an issue over the last few days that stumped me. I am making requests to OpenAPI to generate images in my hosted application that are then supposed to be saved on the application.

This works fine working locally but fails when deployed: I just realised now that OpenAI are blocking the request:
ERROR 409: Public access is not permitted on this storage.

I get the above error when I do a wget from my container.

This occurs no matter what location my elixir app is deployed to…. again no use downloading the images locally

I understand this is an issue with OpenAI but I am wondering if you guys have seen this issue before and if there is a a solution I can come up with.

Thanks for any help you can provide

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Have you tried SSH’ing into your Fly app and pinging the OpenAI API directly with curl?

Building an app that will use the OpenAI API from Fly, so following this closely.

That error doesn’t look like what I’d expect if it were blocked. Usually people send a 403 for that. It’s probably best to ask OpenAI, if you can.

From a google search this looks like an error Azures storage buckets throw, so yeah I’d talk to OpenAI. That’s pretty weird.

I saw that error on the Azure side when I googled it also.

I posted this query to the OpenAI forum:

Lets see if they can point me in the right direction

@mhostetler wget/curl all fail with 403… ping times out also fails

Turns out I just needed to set the initial request to “response_format”: “b64_json” and I was able to get the actual image back in the response and save it directly. Much nicer than what I was initially trying to do but not immediatly obvious from the documentation.