One IP of users are timing out

I have customer in a school network setting who cannot access my site at all. I’ve verified that they’ve tried multiple browsers and are typing in the correct DNS. They sent me a screenshot of a traceroute they attempted which I’ll post below. I have the IP they are using but don’t feel comfortable sharing it here. Let me know if I can post any further info. No other users, including me, have this issue.

This looks like it might be an issue with either their firewall or ISP-- it looks like their traffic isn’t leaving their network on its way to us. So there’s likely not anything we’d be able to directly do about this.

It also doesn’t look like the traceroute finished running (if it doesn’t get a TTL time exceeded response back from the next hop in a network, it should print a line with stars, and it should print 30 of those by default)

My first guess would be that there’s a firewall misconfiguration at play – does a traceroute to your site’s IPv4 address make it to us?

From their web app traceroute over mobile, I’d guess that ICMP could even be blocked on their network, or else they didn’t wait a long enough time for it to complete (normally seconds to minutes). It would be a good idea for them to contact their administrator in any case.

A tool like can help demonstrate to that person that the site is reachable from other networks.

If you’d like to send us the return route from your Fly app instance to their network privately, we’d be happy to look it over with you. Shoot us an email at and link us back to this thread!