Logs are not live

Hello, I am new in your service,

I would know if it’s a normal behavior that the logs in flyctl logs -a [myapp] are not live, logs are pushing/updating randomly, or when there are a long amount of logs it update itself

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I’m encountering the same issue on several of our applications. Noticed the issue first on a couple of our V1 applications, but also have a V2 machines app with three machines, and logging is only being recorded from one of the machines. All the apps appear to be functioning properly otherwise. Looks like it started around 11:30AM EDT or so.

It looks like logging is working again for me, across all my apps. :slight_smile:

Same here, seems fine now

try to update to V2 machines. I had a same issue when using python server in V1 apps, its only show up when the apps crashed or restarted itself. It’s fine now on V2

Fly server logs are live, but my prints in my python server are not, it arrive at the same time randomly

my serv is on V2

We’re shuffling some log servers around in the cluster to make everything bigger and faster. We didn’t think this would be disruptive, but apparently it was. We’ll go back over things, double-check, and refine the playbook for this operation.


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