Not receiving any logs for over 24h on instance

I’ve done several deployments. I used to see print statements and incoming requests. However I don’t see anything when running fly logs or on the web interface since yesterday. For now I have started to output to a /tmp/log file to see things, but they get erased after deployments. Any ideas how to get logging working again? I’ve tried to restart the instance with fly apps restart -a and everything is up and running, but no logs.

What region?


Last log from over a day ago, even though I’ve done several deployments today and yesterday after it.

I created an app (using rails new demo) and deployed it to bos. I’m seeing logs - both by using fly logs and by going to the monitoring tab in the dashboard. I also have a machine running in Boston and see logs from three and six hours ago.

While I can’t reproduce the problem, I can address other parts of your question. If you want your logs to survive a restart they need to be placed on a volume. I have a blog entry with more information, including an app that can be deployed separately and can provide web access to your logs: Multiple Logs for Resiliency · The Fly Blog

I’ll share your post internally to see if I can find somebody who can help further.

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