Please specify a process group to scale.

I’ve got an app with three processes.

Right now I’ve got 'em all running with 1GB RAM. I’d like to scale all three of 'em down to 512MB.

When I run fly scale memory 256 I get following error:

Error Your app has multiple process groups: foo, bar, baz. Please specify a process group to scale.

Anybody know the syntax for specifying a process group to scale?

Apps v1? Try:

fly scale memory 256 --group <proc-name> -a <app-name>


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Thanks @ignoramous ! Apps v1 is nomad, right? I’m still new to fly and trying to get orientated.

And, thanks for the syntax. Is that anywhere in the official docs? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Hey @buser, you’re correct! Nomad apps are v1 apps, v2 apps are machine based. If you’re on a v1/nomad app (and you probably are) then the syntax @ignoramous mentioned is correct.

The --group flag is listed in the options section of the scale memory doc, but it’s easy to miss.

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