No space left on device

I have noticed one of my deployments keeps failing with the below error. It is really strange as it has been totally fine up to this point.

==> Building image with Docker
--> docker host: 20.10.12 linux x86_64
#1 [internal] load remote build context
#1 ERROR: failed to prepare n6d8btxg1pi0kp18cogc5nwgk: mkdir /data/docker/overlay2/n6d8btxg1pi0kp18cogc5nwgk: no space left on device

I have tried to run the fly apps destroy [app] command but it fails with Error Could not resolve App.

Interesting… after letting it sit for about 10mins I tried the destroy script again and it worked. My build on GitHub looks like is it deploying correctly too.

Is this error common?

Sometimes your remote builder disk can fill up with build/layer caches. These get pruned occasionally, which might have led to it working again. Which app were you trying to destroy?

The app was fly-builder-hidden-thunder-706.