I'm getting repeated `OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device` messages when running `fly deploy --remote-only` via Github

Example run here: 2022-05-17-v5 · commonknowledge/leftbookclub@b8306be · GitHub

Whenever a docker layer can’t be reused from cache, this ‘no space left’ error throws.

My guess is this is something to do with the remote builder, but I have no idea how to debug this.

A common cause of the no-space error when using a remote builder is indeed its storage is full. Since volumes don’t auto-resize, a temporary solution is simply to destroy your remote builder. A new one will then be made on the next deploy, with a new disk, and so will then have space :slight_smile:

Run fly apps list to see the name of your builder app (if you don’t see it from your log/error).

Run fly destroy the-name-of-the-remote-builder to destroy the remote builder.

And then try another deploy. And see if that fixes it. May be as simple as that.


That did the trick! Thanks very much. I might put this on some kind of cron…

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