No data in grafana dashboard

Hi, previously I had all data in graphana dashboard, but recently all widget changed to empty and all contains bunch of repeated errors:

Status: 401. Message: ReadObject: expect { or , or } or n, but found s, error found in #1 byte of ...|something w|..., bigger context ...|something went wrong resolving organization |...

That might be caused by recent change of primary region. Is it possible to fix it?

update: mainly the error is:

something went wrong resolving organization
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I’m seeing the same. No changes to configuration or region on my end since yesterday when it worked.

Same here, no data showing up in grafana. I’ve also not made any changes to config or regions recently.

This has been fixed now, sorry about the inconvenience!


Thanks! Can confirm it’s looking good again.

Thanks! Works on my side as well

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