Grafana broken after moving app to new org

Yesterday I moved my apps to a new organization. Initially, Grafana was responding with a 404 not found instead of my dashboard. Now the dashboard came back, but many of the graphs do not appear. The app concurrency in particular, is one of those that I use most. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is at, correct?

If that’s still the case (I see you asked ~18 hours ago), let us know!

Yes, that’s still the case. Should I DM you the org ID?

The problem has been fixed after I redeployed the app.

By the way, I had to redeploy my gateway app after I redeployed my server app, fly-replay wasn’t finding it anymore. I noticed there was an automatic redeploy when moving apps to a new org, but it seems like it’s not working properly, so at the moment, it needs to be done manually.