NextJS App being detected as a NodeJS App

Hey so I have a NextJS website I am trying to deploy. When I follow the NextJS Deployment docs and I do fly launch it is detecting my project as a NodeJS app instead of a NextJS app. Will this cause issue to my deployment and be treated different? Is there a way to specify that my application is indeed a NextJS application?

I believe it’s choosing this option because I have some env files for dev and production and some sample files for the folks using the repo.

Please let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

I deployed my site even with this detection and everything seems to checkout and my website looks to be deployed correctly.

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It appears Fly detecting this as a NodeJS application is causing issues. It seems to not be properly compiling my TailwindCSS styles. When running locally vs production my site is not behaving similarly.


I don’t know if you’ve since resolved it but I’d think it being detected as Node would be correct, since the backend would use Node :thinking:. Of course if your site is static and doesn’t actually need any backend logic, it would be a slightly different question.

Next.js can be deployed to any hosting provider that supports Node.js.

I’ll confirm what @greg said, but because it has caused confusion I made a purely cosmetic change to report the framework name if it can be detected from the package.json: Provide more precise js framework names earlier · superfly/flyctl@4a90b64 · GitHub

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