Nextjs static app gets "connection reset by peer"

I just started using fly today. I deployed an app and it all went well (and was a seamless experience)

However I just deployed another one (that’s just a simple nextjs app) and it won’t load.

It works locally, and is effectively just a static site (code is here GitHub - jonluca/

My monitoring all looks good, but any request to the domain gets a connection reset error

Not sure what it could be, the app seems to work on other hosting providers.

I have the same problem.

That’s interesting. This might be a tls/https issue on our end.

Will you see if curl http://<app> works (not https)?

Using HTTP works.

Yup, I get 301’d then

Ok, we’re working on it! Sorry about that, definitely us and not you.

Bugfix is rolling out now! You should be good in about 10 min.

Looks great! Thanks for the fast fix!

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