New to Fly, question about pricing

Hi, I’d like to try out Fly for a small pet project (I just learned about it from Remix). If I wanted to stay on the free plan for now at least and use Postgres, did I understand correctly that I can do that by selecting the 256MB RAM tier?
Is the data storage accounted in the free 3GB?

Yeah, there’s more detail on Fly App Pricing You can run 3 shared-cpu-1x VMs with 256MB RAM full time. So 1 would be fine.

And for storage, apps do get some ephemeral storage but if you want persistence, like for a database, yep you get up to 3GB of persistent volumes for permanent storage. So if your database was HA (replicated) you would have to be careful to use under 3GB in total to stay within that

A database is also an app (as it needs a vm). So if you had an app vm, you could have at most two database vms in order to stay <= 3. But e.g 1 app vm and 1 database vm would be fine.

(And there are other costs, like a free bandwidth allowance. But for a pet project, that should be fine.)

So 3 app VMs for free and Postgres counts as 1, each Remix app would count as another correct? In that sense I could have 2 remix apps and one db shared between the two. Does that sound correct?

Er, well (and it may be better for someone from Fly to confirm) my understanding is:

You get up to 3 vms for free (the smallest ones - the 256mb shared ones).

And you get up to 3GB for free.

And you get up to 160GB of bandwidth for free.

How you split/use that depends on your app, naturally. So in your case, you could have 1 vm for Remix app A, and 1 vm for Remix app B. So that would be 2/3 used from your vm allowance. And 0GB of storage allowance.

So then the database: you have 1/3 vms left and still 3GB of storage. Given you can only have 1 more vm (for free) the database could not be HA/read-replica. But that’s fine for a pet project. So you would use the 1 vm left for the database. And assign that at most a 3GB volume (when it asks for the size).

So in total you would have 3 vms in use, and 3GB of storage assigned. And maxed the free allowance :slight_smile:

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