New Postgres Example!

For those of you interested in getting Postgres running, a new “6PN” Postgres example is now available in the fly-examples/postgres repository with the guide coming soon to the docs.

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, leave them as a reply here.


Would you say 6PN is stable for production use?

Yep! We’re using it on high volume apps already.


Based on the Postgres example, I just deployed an instance of Clickhouse with persistent volumes. That was easy :rocket: :slight_smile:

The only limitation I ran into is around exposing multiple secure ports: clickhouse exposes port 9000 for TCP and port 8123 for HTTP. Both are unencrypted by default. :unlock:

Aside from deploying nginx as reverse proxy, and or bundling certs inside the docker image, am I missing an obvious way to get multiple secure ports configured in fly.toml? :lock:

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Good question. You can have multiple services in your fly.toml, like this:

# fly.toml file generated for appkata-clickhouse on 2020-12-17T09:38:13Z

app = "appkata-clickhouse"

image = "yandex/clickhouse-server"

internal_port = 8123
protocol      = "tcp"

  hard_limit = 25
  soft_limit = 20

  handlers = ["tls","http"]
  port     = "10000"

  interval = 10000
  timeout  = 2000

internal_port = 9000
protocol      = "tcp"

  handlers = ["tls"]
  port     = "10001"

  interval = 10000
  timeout  = 2000

I’ll be adding this as a clickhouse example in our appkata examples. Let us know how you get on.

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:exploding_head: I didn’t realize I was missing something so obvious since I started using Fly!

Thanks :star_struck:

No problems. I’ll go review the docs and see if there’s a way to make it explicit that multiple services are a very real and fine thing.

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watch out if you deploy the base Docker image for Clickhouse, it has a default user with no password and write privileges.

Oof good note. I wonder if we can protect people from that particular footgun somehow.

The real answer to this is not to expose it through the [services], and use flyctl wireguard create to use it over the private network.


  CLICKHOUSE_PASSWORD = "clickclick"
  CLICKHOUSE_USER = "clicker"

With appropriate values to your fly.toml should have those values baked into the clickhouse installation.

But yes, it’s very worst case startup mode - this is sort of the fix but it seems that its status is variable. :slight_smile:

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I’ve updated the docs to make it more explicit about multiple services sections - enjoy & feedback welcome -

This is excellent. :100:

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