One-click installers?


We’re working on putting together one-click installers for some cloud providers for our open source feature flagging project, Flagsmith.

Is this something Fly is working on? Or do we currently just have to document the command line actions to run? We require a docker runtime and a postgres instance so I guess it wouldnt be too verbose, but the single click installer for DigitalOcean for example is really nice to onboard people.


For now, you’d have to document the CLI flags. We’d love to have one-click installs, but it’s not on our radar just yet.

Understood - thanks for the reply. We could probably get it down to maybe 7 or 8 bash lines I guess?

A couple of lines would be enough to launch a single Postgres instance and deploy an app pointing to it. I can post an example if it’s not obvious from the docs!