New Brazil region for beta testing 🇧🇷

We have a new São Paulo in the works and are looking for test apps. If you all have customers in South America and want to try it out, reply here.

São Paulo has been an adventure. Networks there are not as reliable as we’re all used to, so if you do want to test VMs there just be prepared to run backup regions to send traffic to when things go sideways.


I should have written this in (probably bad) Portuguese:

Nova região do Brasil para testes beta :brazil:

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Hi, I would like to try Fly, but I really need to have my app deployed in Brazil. When the gru region will be available? So far I don’t see it when I run fly platform regions. Thank you

We’re still working on this! We had servers in GRU that didn’t work very well, so we shut them off. If we’re really lucky we’ll have more in about 60 days. I will definitely post here when we’re ready.

Out of curiosity, what kind of stack are you thinking of deploying?