Namespace fly app names

I am a bit surprised to realize that Fly app names are global, like Heroku. It undermines the purpose of organizations in my mind :confused: . Today for example given an app name of mammoth we would get the URL of Yet, we have secured an organization name on the Fly platform, so, why is that not reflected in the URL? For example my organization is prisma so I would expect

On the one hand this is a micro issue easily solved with some convention that other teams won’t use, on the the other its a product gap and paper cut that is inconsistent with how thoughtful and nice the rest of the platform typically is to use (big fan so far!).

Yeah. This is a thing we tried before we became successful, and now it’s very hard to change.

The most likely fix for this is going to be picking a “base” app domain separately from picking the organization. Organization slugs won’t work well for this because you can’t change them and are at the mercy of the name generator.


Thanks for the explanation!