Missing NATS logs sent from `lax` region


I’m experiencing a problem where I’m not getting logs from the lax region in my unified logging tool. I am using GitHub - superfly/fly-log-shipper: Ship logs from fly to other providers to ship logs to EraCloud, and I don’t see logs for either of my apps that are deployed in the lax region.

Interestingly my log-exporter [what my app for the fly-log-shipper is named] is actually one of the apps in the lax region currently.
I also have another app which is currently in lax and not getting logs shipped. It was in sea before the most recent deploy and logs were coming through then.
I will likely redeploy it back to sea now so that it continues to ship logs. The exporter was also deployed in sea at some point this AM when I was playing with it and those logs are also coming through [Edit: Deployed to sea and confirm logs and coming through again]

It’s also worth mentioning that I DO see logs in the fly logs command as well as the web UI.

Since the fly-log-shipper repo is reading the logs from NATS maybe there is an issue with that in the lax region? Or maybe with reading logs from the region you are in? :man_shrugging:

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help debug, or if there is something I might be doing wrong


There’s a known issue currently with the LAX region after some recent maintenance there. We’ll update when we have more details on this!