Not seeing logs via NATS for last ~24 hours

I’m running fly-log-shipper in my org, shipping app logs to S3 via vector.

It appears that between 12-1pm PST yesterday, logs stopped flowing (no new S3 files being created). I don’t see the fly-log-shipper process spitting out anything interesting, but don’t really know how to debug this myself, so was curious to know if there’s any reason that the NATS connection fly-logs-shipper uses would be having trouble?

I do see logs via fly logs -a <app name>, so I’m just a little confused about where/what to poke.

Sorry for the vague request - appreciate any help/insight.

This might be on our end. We’re looking into an issue with our logs right now, and you can keep track of this on our status page:


great - i’ve seen some logs start flowing in the last ~30 min. thanks