Not seeing NATS logs for the last 2 days

I am using a fly-log-shipper fly app to collect logs from 2 other apps in my organization. I was sending these logs to Logtail as well as storing a subset in a database. I am using the V2 machines deployment.

About 2 days ago, the logs stopped flowing. Note that I can see the logs in the Fly dashboard, just that they are not being shipped anywhere.

The problem seems to be that nothing is being published on the NATS subject. I have even tried to manually setup a client and connect to the NATS subject but nothing shows up there. I verified that there were indeed logs being produced by the source app.

I have tried to restart the log shipper app, even did a scale down then up to get a new machine, changed the access token secret, but nothing has helped so far.

It started working about an hour ago. Thanks!

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