Missing insights into deployment errors

I am deploying a PET(A)L application to fly shared-cpu-1x instance. Deployments up until v12 worked fine. v13 failed to deploy but I don’t have any insights into what went wrong. v14 (same code) failed again and the Activity mentions a rollback to v12. v15 (again, same code) apparently worked, the instance was shown as pending in the monitoring, but then the app got rolled back again. The activity shows v15 as successfully deployed, although the app running is still v12.

I am unsure of how to proceed. I don’t know what’s going wrong and why it is failing. This makes it hard to debug. Any ideas?

The next deployment (v17) took a long time but went through, but the Activity shows it being rolled back :thinking:

Today I made another deployment, without changing the underlying architecture (just a few code changes). This one went through in one minute without any issues.

Again, really hard to debug without logs. Any idea where I can get logs about the deployment?

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How are you deploying? In my GitHub Action, I append --verbose switch to flyctl deploy ... and the logs on there are plenty sufficient.

Ex: server-deno: fix ServerInit#onListen per typedef · serverless-dns/serverless-dns@dda4676 · GitHub

I am deploying through a Github Action but did not think of adding a --verbose to the deploy command. I’ll try that. Thanks!