Migration from Heroku Worked, Now I Need to Edit Files

I migrated my Python Django app from Heroku, I don’t want to deploy to Heroku to then have this Fly.io app updated (there is a trigger to ensure changes from Heroku get pushed to Fly).

I wan’t these apps to separate now that they’re cloned. I want to be able to push edits to the Fly.io app but I have no repository hooked up to it. How can I copy all the files there are now on Fly.io container to Github or local and then be able to make edits and push back up to deploy? I’m assuming Fly.io created files on my behalf when cloning from Heroku so that’s why I say that I need to pull those files from the new Fly.io app.

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You can trigger a process in vpn using wireguard from within fly.io and synchronize, if you install locally you also get access to the machine.

Are the files configuration or are they assets (user uploads)? if it’s the second option, can’t they be migrated to storage like s3 or blob storage (naming depends on the provider)? that would help the sync.

If it’s for configuration files, you can do a single build of image docker with files and send it to the fly.io and heroku registry, in both the build is local and the deploy is ready image.

An example (got it from another topic) for fly.io:

For heroku you need even after sending the image to run the release command, preferably after the image is pushed, for the image to be placed as a container, otherwise it is only in the Heroku registry.

my english is a little bad, sorry if i misunderstood

also just migrated my python/django app from heroku to flyio with turboku. would like to update the app in flyio but i dont have the ‘converted’ files in fly.io… did u get a solution to get the files and successfully deploy the new ver?