Migrating from Google Cloud


I’m considering migrating some of my workload from Google Cloud to Fly.
I have a production Postgres instance, what would be the best way to migrate it to Fly?

The simplest option is PostgreSQL: Documentation: 14: pg_dump and PostgreSQL: Documentation: 14: pg_restore

Once your Fly Postgres is setup, you can connect to the Fly network (see Private Networking ) from any machine that has access to the GCP database to dump it and restore it to Fly Postgres.

There are more complicated options to consider if you have special needs like streaming replication or near-zero downtime, let me know if you want to get into the weeds on that.

:wave: I’m considering a zero-downtime migration from EKS+RDS to Fly. Do you know of any proved way to do that?

Is it possible to setup Fly’s postgres as a replica of RDS and then make it primary once all the traffic is moved from AWS to Fly? :thinking:

This is techically possible, but you’d have to manage the process yourself as the Fly postgres images don’t have any config or commands specific to migrations.

Have anyone tried to make a wireguard (or other) bridge between kubernetes cluster and fly private network?

Have you tried it and been able to connect fly to K8’s Cluster?