Migrating from RDS to Fly Postgres


I have a database in RDS that I want to migrate to Fly Postgres. I typically take backups with pg_dump and then user pg_restore to load them back.

Does it make sense to just use fly proxy to handle this?

# In one terminal...
fly proxy 5454:5433 -a my-app-name

# In another terminal...
pg_restore -h localhost -p 5454 ...

I see some Wireguard voodoo is possible as well, but I’m not very familiar with that yet. Another option might be sftp’ing the backup to a Fly machine that has pg_restore installed and run it from there.

Thanks for any advice.

Hey @justindotpub , sure that’d be the simplest way indeed!

Also before you migrate, I’d recommend you read our docs’ page explaining why This Is Not Managed Postgres · Fly Docs (while RDS is managed Postgres).

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Thank you @guillaume! Yes, I’m aware of that and will be using this for cases where Fly Postgres is good enough. :+1:

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