Unable to deploy: "Unable to pull image, not found"

I’m getting recurring failed deployments with this error message:

2023-08-08T12:28:30.285 runner[4d89151f096987] sin [error] Unable to pull image, not found, canceling deploy

I have tried fly deploy --no-cache. flyctl reports no errors. No issues showing on https://status.flyio.net/

I have the same problem… for me it started around 5h ago :confused:

more over… the fly deploy is wrongly showing that it waits for “something”

Waiting for all green machines to start
  Machine 9080edea271587 [app] - created

when in reality (using LOG_LEVEL=debug) it gets from the API "error": "not_found: machine not found"

  Machine 5683dedf43d68e [app] - created
DEBUG <-- 404 https://api.machines.dev/v1/apps/meerkat/machines/5683dedf43d68e/wait?instance_id=01H7AK7Q53W3RCJ6EZFF2GEDJ2&state=started&timeout=60 (396.93ms)

  "error": "not_found: machine not found"

Same problem: Can't deploy the app
It spent me 3 hour, still can’t deploy the app :smiling_face_with_tear:

How did you guys fix this @madawei2699 @Misiek @craigdrayton ?
I started facing this issue since last night. Been more than 15 hours, but no resolution.

Same here… I have the same app twice (test and prod) and test works just fine but i cant deploy to my prod environment… Any solutions

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Can you try running against our secondary registry and see if it works? It’ll help narrow down the issue:

FLY_REGISTRY_HOST=registry2.fly.io fly deploy
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Using registry2.fly.io fixed the issue for me

@sniper2804 for me, the issue resolved itself after some time.

I ended up moving away from fly.io. Encountered too many unreported intermittent issues for me to place trust in it.