Log Shipper stopped shipping

Our log-shipper instance has been working great, but today it completely stopped shipping logs. I did a deploy and logs stopped, so I reverted the change and deployed again but still no logs. I then deployed the previously working image, but still nothing.

I’m seeing nothing in the logs on the app other than the deployment info, here’s an example of the app instance logs after a deploy, then nothing:

Preparing to run: `bash start-fly-log-transporter.sh` as root
vector::app: Loading configs. paths=["/etc/vector/vector.toml"]
vector::topology::running: Running healthchecks.
vector::internal_events::api: API server running. address= playground=
vector::topology::builder: Healthcheck: Passed.
vector::topology::builder: Healthcheck: Passed.

I’ve seen issue with the logging if there is a vector syntax error or something like that, but that typically shows up as an error in the app instance logs and reverting or deploying an update will get thing moving again, but this seems different. Any ideas what might be going on?

This might be on our end. We’re looking into an issue with our logs right now, and you can keep track of this on our status page:

Got it, will keep track of the incident, thank you!

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