Logging broken on ams region?

Hey guys,

I have been experiencing issues with my machine logs on the ams region in 3 different ways:

  1. When using flyctl logs, I can retrieve the logs for my application on the ams region. However, the logs do not auto-update in my terminal. I have to close and re-run the command to get latest logs.
  2. When looking at the monitoring tab on the webpage, I also get logs for the app, but with the same issue: they do not auto-update. I need to refresh the page to get the latest logs.
  3. I am using GitHub - superfly/fly-log-shipper: Ship logs from fly to other providers to ship logs to both Loki and Logtail, and in both places I am not getting logs from my application in the ams region.

I have a staging application in the lhs region, which is successfully auto-updating the logs in the terminal, in the UI, and is succeeding in shipping my logs to Loki and Logtail.

The region my production app is deployed to is switching every deploy (between lhs and ams), so this is quite frustrating. Is there an issue with the ams region, or is this intended?

Hey @nouzlin,

Thanks for letting us know! We did find an issue on a few hosts within that region and the issue should be resolved.

Can you confirm that things are fixed on your end?

Hey @shaun ,

I tried spinning up another app instance on the ams region, and seems like logs are being shipped and tailed properly. Cheers!

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@shaun , seems like the problem is back for my ams region apps. No live tailing or log shipping :frowning:

Hi, we have the same problem, also on region ams. Both fly logs and the dashboard does not update until we either re-run fly logs or refresh the page.

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This is still an issue. Could someone have a look at this? Even for new apps I create logging does not update in realtime in fly logs.

Actually, it kinda works on a new app I just created (wooninzicht is the app name). The logs from the web process do not show until I restart fly logs. The logs from scheduler do show in real-time.