Logging Alternatives

I find the out-of-the-box Fly.io logging very unsatisfactory.

Today I have encountered:

fly logs
Error failed retrieving app whatmyappiscalled: server returned a non-200 status code: 503


fly logs
Error 422 Unprocessable Entity

and many attempts where the command simply hangs forever, either from the shell or the web UI.

So, I was wondering what people here are using as an alternative.

I see that the fly-log-shipper project has support for lots of paid platforms, but I was wondering if anybody else in the community had come up with another solution. I’d like to use fly-log-shipper on something that I could deploy as a Dockerfile to Fly itself, perhaps Sentry, but ideally something very very lightweight.

Does anybody have any suggestions or experiences they can share?

Logs services are miserably complicated. The 422 you got was because we had to temporarily disable log querying due to an API outage this morning, for example. They should be working better now (we just re-enabled the logs endpoint).

LogDNA does free log tailing if that’s most what you need.

The simplest ready to go log setup is Loki and it’s still two components + s3: GitHub - grafana/loki: Like Prometheus, but for logs.

If I were trying to do simple logs, I might consider just subscribing to NATs and writing stuff to sqlite files with the full text extension: SQLite FTS5 Extension

NATs has clients for most runtimes, and you can just connect directly to our NATS service if you want: Fly Logs over NATS