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Hey guys,
Im trying to get the Log Shipper working with Mezmo (which used to be LogDNA)… its giving authentication errors and deprecation warnings associated with logdna being renamed to mezmo

Can’t seem to get it working with Mezmo without forking?

  Configured sinks:
  2024-04-17T17:40:12.499105Z  INFO vector::app: Log level is enabled. level="vector=info,codec=info,vrl=info,file_source=info,tower_limit=trace,rdkafka=info,buffers=info,lapin=info,kube=info"
  2024-04-17T17:40:12.509754Z  INFO vector::app: Loading configs. paths=["/etc/vector/vector.toml", "/etc/vector/sinks"]
  2024-04-17T17:40:13.002132Z  WARN vector::sinks::mezmo: DEPRECATED: The `logdna` sink has been renamed. Please use `mezmo` instead.
  2024-04-17T17:40:13.060084Z ERROR vector::topology: Configuration error. error=Source "nats": NATS Connect Error: unexpected line while connecting: Err("Authorization Violation")
   INFO Main child exited normally with code: 78

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