libcluster:fly6pn] unable to connect to...

I am getting a tonne of these on a liveview app:
[libcluster:fly6pn] unable to connect to "myapp@ip"

I have the app deployed in multi regions. I have another app, non liveview and the configs are the same but it doesn’t seem to have this issue.

Hi. Can I ask how’s your topology setup? Here’s an example of an app of mine called Sorteios

Can you verify if something might be missing?

This is the tutorial I’ve used:

config :libcluster,
    debug: true,
    topologies: [
      fly6pn: [
        strategy: Cluster.Strategy.DNSPoll,
        config: [
          polling_interval: 5_000,
          query: "#{app_name}.internal",
          node_basename: app_name

In application.ex I have this:

topologies = Application.get_env(:libcluster, :topologies) || []

Then I have the worker as:
{Cluster.Supervisor, [topologies, [name: MyApp.ClusterSupervisor]]},

It’s worth mentioning that I am trying to scale to multi regions (3), not within the same region.

I’m also unable to connect the iex console at this point.
Could not contact remote node myapp@my_ip:, reason: :nodedown. Aborting...

Are you able to fly ssh console to your app?

Yes I can.

I’ve escalated the issue as you mentioned it’s working on another app and not this one and your config seems to be fine.

Can you direct message me the name of the broken app?

Thank you. I had sent an email to support about this as well. Ticket should be there.

I think messaging feature is disabled on my end :thinking:

I’ve found your email on support and added to the ticket :slight_smile:

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