Laravel 11


We’ve deployed a new laravel project with laravel 11 on The cron server is down all the time and doesn’t log anything special.

Do you have this issue or any idea on it?

Hi @together!

First, I’d like to get more information on how you have set up the cron server. Did you follow this page here?. If so, you’ve created a “cron” process for your Laravel app.

May I know how you found out that the cron server/process is down?

  1. Is its machine instance down?
    → You can find this out by doing a quick fly status, and inspect the “STATE” of “cron” processes.
    → If it is, can you also check whether its locally working and not crashing when you do a php artisan schedule:run?

  2. However, if your machine instance is not down(“stopped”) though, can you check whether your logs are appearing in your cron instance’s laravel.log file?
    → Do a fly ssh console --select
    → Select your cron instance’s id
    → Run cat storage/logs/laravel.log( If you don’t have one, can you set up your LOG Channel to both send logs to stderr, and a laravel.log file here )