📹 Laravel on Fly.io (learn how)

Hi there!

Back in August '22, I made some youtube videos on running Laravel apps on Fly.io. I’ve been refreshing those, and am recording a bunch.

I have 4 out so far! If you’re looking to see what it looks like to run a Laravel app (or any app, as the process is much the same) in video-format, check out these videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBML2hK0FsU&list=PLochXUj858lu-y_42xro9ZrQBJhdxSbmR

  1. Fly Launch - running an app
  2. Fly Deploy - customizing deployments
  3. Fly Logs - logging and getting Laravel stack traces
  4. Fly Volumes - persisting data with volumes

Hope they’re helpful, and more to come!


I’ve been adding :tada: more videos :tada: to this:

  1. Fly + Planetscale MySQL
  2. Fly + Uptash Redis

FInally videos from Fly

Just a quick note: PHP 8.3 has been available for a bit, you can use it by:

  1. Editing fly.toml
  2. Using build arguments


    PHP_VERSION = "8.3"
    NODE_VERSION = "18"

Build args:

fly deploy --build-arg "PHP_VERSION=8.3" --build-arg "NODE_VERSION=18"

By default, the fly launch command attempts to use the PHP version it detects you’re using currently in your system (where you call fly launch from).

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