Is there an issue with Consul

I have been getting strange errors in my logs for one of my apps for the past 12 hours

http: POST /stream: error: lease expired
cannot remove lease: Unexpected response code: 500 (No cluster leader)
primary lease lost, retrying: set cluster id: Unexpected response code: 500
consul key release error:

Any ideas?



Hi everyone—there was indeed an issue with two of our multi-tenant Consul clusters today. We tracked it down to changing IP addresses due to some of the cluster members being migrated (more context for the migration process is here: PSA: Machine migration has started again). The migrated cluster members were serving 5xx responses intermittently.

We’ve addressed the issue and confirmed that the clusters appear to be functioning normally again. Apologies for any inconvenience this caused, and thank you to @deano-fury for posting here!

No problem,

Thank you for the quick resolution.



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