LiteFS deployment stuck

Hello everyone,

I have an app configured to use a sqlite database and litefs cluster in Frankfurt. It used to work fine until earlier this week. Nothing has changed config wise, but when I tried deploying last night, I got the following error:

This was configured by following the LiteFS getting started guide

2023-11-28T16:01:30.112 app[1781504f54d538] lhr [info] level=INFO msg="Using Consul to determine primary"

2023-11-28T16:01:30.582 app[1781504f54d538] lhr [info] ERROR: cannot init consul: cannot connect to consul: register node "gethonk-staging-jlyv9rxmldw98xrg/litefs": Put "": EOF

2023-11-28T16:01:30.582 app[1781504f54d538] lhr [info] waiting for signal or subprocess to exit

Any help would be appreciated

@afterburner Sorry about that. We’re having an issue with consul-fra-5 at the moment and we’re working on repairing it.

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No worries at all, it wasn’t impactful in any way. I thought it might be something along those lines, but couldn’t see anything reported on the status pages, which led me here

Thanks for letting me know