Is postgres on Fly ready to host production databases ?

@adamwiggall I’m super sorry about that! I was balancing a couple conversations and looks like my wires crossed. Feel free to ignore my previous response…

So as you discovered, you can list the volumes with:

fly volumes list --app <app-name>

Then you can take the volume id and run the following to get a list of snapshots:

fly volumes snapshots list <volume-id>

Let me know what you see.

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Thank you very much my friend, I do now see the backups, that’s great.

I appreciate you coming back to me!


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Maybe relevant for this topic, as @moissela already asked this a while ago.

Just a short comment whether we should roll our own strategy or wait for something Fly is working on would be most helpful. Thanks in advance!


Bump! Is there an update on Database backups?


I am also curious about this, i am currently evaluating Fly and am wondering about strategies for PITR with Fly’s Postgres clusters.