Is it safe to delete unattached volumes?

After updating one of my apps from Nomad to V2 it now has two unattached volumes and two attached volumes. The unattached volumes show usage of 0mb and were created in September 2022 so I think these are just the original volumes from before the update and that I don’t need them any more.

When I try to delete one I get this message:

Warning! Every volume is pinned to a specific physical host. You should create two or more volumes per application. Deleting this volume will leave you with 1 volume(s) for this application, and it is not reversible.

This is the first time I’ve seen anything about needing multiple volumes per application, this application had one volume per machine before the update and my other newer application is also happy with one volume per machine.

Am I safe to ignore this and delete the unattached empty volumes? Thanks for any help!

Hey @terrarum, provided there’s no data that you need on the volumes, then yes it’s safe to delete unused and unattached volumes.

The warning about multiple volumes per application is intended as a reminder about redundancy. For apps with a single volume / machine, in case of a host or network failure you’ll experience downtime. We have some more details on redundancy for volumes here: Fly Volumes overview · Fly Docs

If you’re ok with those caveats, then yes you’re safe to ignore it and delete the unused volumes.

Fantastic, thank you!

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