Is it possible to run a single instance with docker-compose?

Hi! Super noob question,

fly launch is looking for a dockerfile. How do I run if i have only docker compose file? Thanks!

Hey, no problem. Totally understandable question.

Unfortunately Fly does not support using docker compose. As you’ve found, you need a Dockerfile … which is a different thing. The Dockerfile tells Fly how to build an image.

So … you would need to “translate” what the docker compose is doing into one or more apps, and so one or more Dockerfiles. Usually you are better off running one “thing” per app, so for example one app for your database (or use Fly’s managed Postgres), one app for your, er, app, and so on.

If you get stuck you could post your docker compose file and someone may be able to assist.

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Thank you @greg for helping me out. The docker compose file is just db and web app and I’m planning to combine those 2 containers in one Dockerfile.

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