Alternative to Docker Compose

Hi everyone,

My application relies in part on a Redis backend. Locally Redis is part of my Docker Compose. What’s the best strategy here to work with, since it seems to not support Docker Compose files? Should I create a separate repo to hold my toml config file?

That seems… silly on one hand, but simple on another!


One approach would be to run Redis as a separate app, and so your application would then simply need its IP/URL/password in its config.

I believe Fly still provides its own shared Redis for apps to use although I see that is deprecated: Redis on Fly

As for running multiple commands in one dockerfile, I guess you would need some kind of script which in turn runs your app server and Redis. And use that script for the CMD. As yes, docker compose is not supported.

Ok, thanks! I’ll go the “bare” repository route, then – meaning, a repo that’s essentially just a Fly config file which references the Redis image, as suggested in Redis on Fly.

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