multiple fly apps that talk to each other - best practice?

(Solved i think, will leave the research for future searchers)

Fact gathering:

  • a Fly App is a unit of container. 1 app = 1 dockerfile
  • multiple Fly Apps can talk to each other via .internal DNS
  • “Fly does not support docker compose” (2022 Aug)
  • such coordination is not currently managed by Fly? Wrong
    • Aha, Fly has “Process Group” … “Every defined process runs in its own Fly Machine(s) within the app, which means they don’t compete with each other for VM resources, and they can be scaled individually.”

Ok, how to do networking?

How is scale handled?

  • TBD
  • scale to zero?
  • Flycast private load balancing - Private Networking · Fly Docs . I believe appname.flycast DNS resolves only to the public web process

What other questions have I missed so far?

  • TBD

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