Is it possible to disable an app without deleting it?

I have a preview environment which is used very infrequently. Is it possible to disable/turn the app off rather than leave it running constantly?

I know I can delete the app, but then I’d have to re-set it up each time I want to use the preview environment.

EDIT: Via the CLI it can be suspended, it does not appear to be an option via the dashboard?

Resume and suspend are olds features, we recommend using flyctl scale count 0 to disable.

We are improving our dashboard. Just yesterday we’ve deployed a new feature Improvement: Scale memory via dashboard and we will eventually add the option for apps to be scaled/suspended from there too


If I then trigger a deploy on that app do I need to run flyctl scale count 1 or does it do that automatically?

You might need to flyctl scale count 1 before deploying

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