Is heroku deployment working?

Deployed to Heroku about 30 minutes ago, There are no signs of fly deployment yet. Usually fly triggers the build within minutes of heroku deployment.

I’m concerned whether hooks (if any) have been disabled after the recent security incident at heroku.

It’s been 5 hours since I deployed to heroku, But the build wasn’t triggered at fly yet.

It’s possible this is related to the recent Heroku issues. Could you try setting up the app again here? Heroku · Launch on

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Thanks, I made a fresh deployment using heroku, It detected the existing app and is now waiting with this status -

Deployment is running pending automatic promotion.

Created fly.toml inside the existing heroku repo, deployed to fly and it resulted in failure. Tried couple of times more with same result.

Then attempted turboku again, It successfuly deployed the app.

It’s likely everyone who used turboku would be facing this as heroku as reset the tokens.

A complete migration to fly i.e. downloading the existing image from fly and severing the hooks with heroku would be useful.

Looks like it might be an internal issue - Fly deploys failing (stalled in "pending"), "runing" app unresponsive - #7 by wjordan as I’ve been on Chicago ORD and nothing to do with Heroku in the first place.

A self-reminder to check the incidents page next time - Status - Host Instability In Chicago .


Heroku automatic deployment never worked after that day i.e. since I opened this issue.

Each time I have to deploy a new build I’m using Launch on after deploying to Heroku.

I guess it’s time to build an image and push directly to instead.

Thanks - can you share the app name in question?

Thanks for coming back.

I checked once more today and waited more than 2 hours after deploying to heroku but the build here never started.

The app name is buttmover (don’t judge, It’s a productivity + health reminder application!).

Same issue here, Heroku deploys do not trigger deploys for us

Hey there. Can you give it another shot and let us know how it goes? I believe the situation on our end is improved.

We’re migrating to deploys as we speak. Thank you for the fast turnaround time, though!

@merlin Did the build start automatically after deploying to Heroku?

The first deploy did (meaning when I clicked on the Turboku! button), but webhook deploys triggered with git push heroku main didn’t work.

Because of @kurt’s recommendation to move to deploys in another thread, we’re doing just that

Yep, That’s the problem automatic deployment from Heroku doesn’t work anymore and only way to push a build from Heroku to fly is to use Turboku i.e. Manual deployment.

My wild guess is that Heroku has changed the refresh token mechanism for OAUTH2 (or) client secrets of fly since the security incident and it needs to be updated.

Meanwhile, The documentation here on fly which says that builds will be automatically deployed from Heroku should be removed and perhaps a migration document from Heroku to fly would be very helpful.

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Just making sure I understand: since my prior note, you were able to try it again and confirm it still wasn’t working for you?

As for migrating the DB, if you were running Heroku Postgres, data can be migrated with

There’s a complete guide for migrating from Heroku Postgres to here: Migrating from Heroku Postgres to Fly Postgres: A Complete Guide.

If you follow that guide: make sure to check the documentation on GitHub for the postgres-migrator part – env var names and other details have changed slightly. You might also have to adjust the actual migrate command of postgres-migrator to fit your needs.

All that’s left after that is to:

  • fly config save to get your fly.toml if you haven’t already
  • Tweak the fly.toml settings
  • Add either:
    • The [buildpacks] section to fly.toml if you used Heroku Buildpacks
    • A Dockerfile if you want to switch over to Docker
      Optionally tweaking the ENTRYPOINT or CMD, currently through
    • Do nothing at all if you’ve already got a Dockerfile at the root of your project

I haven’t tried it again – we’re using flyctl deploy now :wink:

Not sure about @Abishek

I haven’t tried since merlin had posted, I will update once I have a new deployment.

Thanks for the write up, Actually I did try to deploy directly to fly on the first day I opened this issue but it coincided with their issue at Chicago region and the deployment failed.

Next time I will try heroku deployment once just to answer jphenow and then I will deploy directly to fly.

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