Is ams region down?

I have an app deployed in ams region, but suddenly can’t reach it anymore. The logs in dashboard also say “connection to log server timed out”.
fly apps restart fails silently without any change
fly machine restart gives an error of could not get machine 9185e05f143138: failed to get VM 9185e05f143138: request returned non-2xx status, 504
fly ssh console gives an error of host unavailable at : host was not found in DNS

I have the exact same problem

my status page says:

  1. We are performing emergency maintenance on a host some of your apps instances are running on. Apps may be unavailable until the maintenance is completed.

It says this happened 22 hours ago. We don’t have access to support so I have no idea when the issue will resolved.

I had to finally destroy my app and launch it again. The machine attached to it seemed to be in a zombie state with no recovery possible and even cloning/scaling wasn’t working.

Thanks, this really helped but i come up a bit of different solution:

## Scale down your mchn count to 0
fly scale count 0 

## WAIT FOR THE MCHNs to become destroyed on the fly io account portal

## Scale your mchn count back up
fly scale count 3

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