App down due to Fly emergency maintainence on VM, but cannot move to new VM

Hello! One of my apps has been down for the last 15 hours or so.

On the dashboard it says this:

  1. 024-04-25 13:09:01 UTC We are performing emergency maintenance on a host some of your apps instances are running on. Apps may be unavailable until the maintenance is completed.

Service interruptions caused by host issues can take a while to resolve.
You don’t have to wait: Learn how to recover and move away from an unresponsive host.

I tried the various recommendations in that page, but they all fail due to Fly internal errors according to the logs. For example:

This deployment will:

  • create 1 “app” machine

No machines in group app, launching a new machine

:heavy_multiplication_x: Failed: error creating a new machine: failed to launch VM: server returned a non-200 status code: 500
Checking DNS configuration for
Error: error creating a new machine: failed to launch VM: server returned a non-200 status code: 500 (Request ID: 01HWCRY6PJAEB7ATHHF0Q3EXAF-lhr) (Trace ID: f79d1d9e7b25bd226eed39c7fbc93cb4)

Is there something I can do to bring my app back online? Some other forum threads suggested deleting the app but I don’t feel comfortable doing this as I have secrets and a volume that I’m worried about losing.


I’ve been trying to make new volumes and scale to 1 to move to a different VM but it doesn’t work, possibly because it’s using the VM attached to the bad VM? I tried to delete the volume on the bad VM but that also fails.

It seems that pretty much every command I run results in an internal server error currently.

edit: OK well I tried scaling again and this time it managed to get an instance up. I perhaps it used the other volume by chance? I’m unable to delete the old volume so I’m a bit nervous about it being used in future and the data on each volume getting out of sync. If I try and delete it I get an error.

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