iOS + Wireguard - fly?

Has anyone successfully connected to their machine using iPhone + Wireguard? I tried and I believe a couple of other ssh terminals on the iPhone but auth fails. I see auth fail on fly logs as well.

Termius attempts to connect but the fly logs report “unexpected error: ssh: disconnect, reason 11: Normal Shutdown”

Interesting. previously failed with an auth error on the logs. I had imported my ssh key. Now it shows connected to the ipv6 address but can not do anything after that. I am a new blink user so it might be user error on my part.

My blink ssh config has the following along with the imported key.

User root
Hostname the-machine-host-name.internal
StrictHostKeyChecking no
UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
PubkeyAuthentication yes
IdentitiesOnly yes

I am trying WebSSH along with the imported key but it fails with EOF and ssh: unexpected message type 90 (expected one of [50]).

On my workstation my .ssh config includes

	UseKeychain yes
	AddKeysToAgent yes

Is this doable?

With ServerCat I can see a log file. It says the user/pubkey combination is invalid, failed with reason -18.

And the fly logs show unexpected error: [ssh: no auth passed yet, not a cert]. It’s using the same imported key I use locally. Of course locally it also uses the keychain.

[edit] Generated a new 72h key with user root set but the key auth still fails.

There are two primary goals for this. In the short term, I sometimes need to connect to do work on the remote machine for house keeping, pausing one or more services that normally auto-restart, check data, run an iPython session, etc. The other goal, long term, is to be able to run a lightweight TUI (text UI app) over SSH. See :smiley:

Has anyone connected to their machines via iOS?

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