Invoicing for Free Tier and Destroyed Apps/Machines


I’m currently on the legacy hobby plan. Initially, I utilized a machine with 256MB RAM and a 3GB volume, which was covered by the free allowance. Later, I switched to a machine with 133GB RAM and 16x performance for approximately one hour, which cost me around $0.07, and then I deleted it. After removing all apps except for the free builder, I set up a new machine with 256MB RAM and 3GB volume once again. However, it now appears that this usage is being billed instead of being included in the free tier.

Hi @Shmelov

Can you try looking at your usage page for Machines (should be on the sidebar at the left), our billing system could be slow sometimes so there’s a possibility that its just data from your deleted machine and the usage page will help you check if there’s anything running that shouldn’t be.

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