Interest in DuckDB on Fly?

Hello! I’ve built an “open-source hosted DuckDB” and wanted to know if anyone would want to run it on Fly.

It’s an HTTP wrapper on top of DuckDB that lets you treat the database as a REST API. You can stream regular JSON into the service and the software automatically does batch inserts. Similarly, you can query data via GET.

Here’s the repo:

I’m working on hosting the actual duckdb file on Fly (machines+volumes.) Right now I’m hosting on traditional cloud/metal servers or connecting to DuckDB’s own cloud service.

My question is: is this something anyone would want to use for themselves on Fly? (As in, should I complete the work for deploying this “managed duckdb” to fly machines?)

The goal is to make it easier to build realtime analytics software on Fly by automating the glue and bookkeeping code required to get into and out of a database. There isn’t an out of the box analytical DB on Fly today and would love to know if it’d be at all useful to the community.

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