Initial Fly launch setup failing

I am running fly launch on a clean elixir phoenix setup. I keep getting the following error after updating the settings in the browser

Waiting for launch data… Done
Error: Could not find

All dependencies are up to date
Detected a Phoenix app
Creating app in /Users/alanmccann/myapp-landing/myapp_landing
We're about to launch your Phoenix app on Here's what you're getting:

Organization: Alan McCann                                               (fly launch defaults to the personal org)
Name:         myapp-landing                                          (derived from your directory name)
Region:       Toronto, Canada                                           (this is the fastest region for you)
App Machines: shared-cpu-1x, 1GB RAM                                    (most apps need about 1GB of RAM)
Postgres:     (Fly Postgres) 1 Node, shared-cpu-1x, 256MB RAM, 1GB disk (determined from app source)
Redis:        <none>                                                    (not requested)
Sentry:       false                                                     (not requested)

? Do you want to tweak these settings before proceeding? Yes
Opening ...

Waiting for launch data... Done
Error: Could not find ```

Any help is appreciated

Fly auth had expired and wasn’t showing any notice. Running fly auth fixed the issue.

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