Infra Log Summary: June 22nd-28th

We want it to be easy to figure out what’s happening with infrastructure and operations! So, you can read about our progress last week over on the infra-log

Here’s a summary:

  1. We had three incidents that impacted subsets of users. One of these was related to tokens, and two impacted specific edges of our network.
  2. We began rolling out a corrosion upgrade
  3. We worked towards a more complete picture of inter-region network traffic
  4. We continued to migrate Fly Machines from old servers while making improvements to the tooling we’re using
  5. We improved the tracking of deployments to our internal components
  6. We discovered and fixed some I/O performance issues in Mumbai
  7. We published a writeup that provided (me) some closure around recent NATS (on which we’ve built our log-shipping system) instability.

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