Inconsistent machine statuses

There was a machine running in one of my apps. I stopped and destroyed it. The logs, indeed, indicate that the process was stopped via a SIGINT signal:

(W) Flutter: received close signal SIGINT

The dashboard, however, still shows this machine as started, while subsequent requests to stop this machine error out:

"error": "aborted: unable to stop machine, current state invalid, destroyed"

Creating a new machine with the same name does not work (apparently this machine is still running):

"error": "Name 'cof-orchestrator-test-sin-1' already in use by another machine in the same App."

I created a new machine on the same app, stopped and destroyed it - same situation. Another app I created and stopped and destroyed just for testing got destroyed, although only after some period of time.

Would like to know whether it is something other users are experiencing or a bug with my app only.

It took 30 minutes for the dashboard to update, but now the machine is destroyed. Maybe that is something to look into…

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