Improving flyctl experience

I use the Amplify CLI a lot and they provide a lot of setups.
Like if you enter amplify update function, they will give you a list of functions to choose from and a list of options that can be updated.
I wonder if you are thinking of adding setups to the main commands like fly apps.

When I type fly apps now, I get this list. What if this was an interactive list that you could choose from and after you chose restart for example, you would get back the list of apps that you can restart.

The same for destroy. When I type in fly apps destroy, I would get a list of apps I can select to be destroyed.

Maybe performance will be impacted or this isn’t something other users want, but I thought to suggest it as a first-time user.


For what it’s worth, many flyctl commands support a --select argument that allows you to pick a machine or app to operate on interactively. Additionally, you can enable tab completion in your shell to get rich autocomplete for most flags, such as regions, apps, and orgs!

It’s not exactly what you described, but it gets you 90% of the way there :smile:


Thanks a lot! Should have gone through the options first.

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